Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well what do you think of my find...yes a lip clock...and it does work ....
Now you all remember we had craft night last night doing eggs ...will the girls have made cards for everyone...seeing I was making cards ...this is Hannah's idea of a paper man is for Uncle DJ....the next picture shows a close up of the face she did ...she is a crafter.
cute ..
Well today was a better start ...a close up of Copper Is....
The clouds were low ...but no snow ....hurray :)
this is the pile of snow in Patty's back yard ....
Now in some spots you can see that the snow is melting ..and spring is trying to come ...
and yes the bugs are starting make a move .....
and yes this hornet ...wasp whatever was moving ...trying ..but I did put an end to early for them to come out..
Well have a great day it is Thursday one more day and then the weekend ...thank you to all that stop by..I do appreciated the comments ...
Make sure you stop by the family and friends list I have ..they all love it when you stop by...
(P.S. I am sorry I never put a list of supplies used for my cards ..the paper is from Micheals..the different shapes Samantha does for me on her Circut...glad she has one ...)


Samantha said...

Hannah's paper man is cool for sure!!! She is our little crafter...maybe it's because she had her Aunty living with her before.
Wow you saw a wasp already? yikes.

Glad you were able to go out and spend the week with the girls.

Being Mrs Miles said...

Thanks for promoting my balloons Judy, it always delights me to see you use my products, you're so creative.

Happy Birthday to DJ - sounds like lots of celebrating in your family - how FUN!

I'm going to leave a comment here for the previous blog post too - the lips clock is too cute, is this for you or Melissa?

Hannah's quite creative too - you guys will have her carding before we know it.

I always enjoy when you post photos. Thanks for doing that. Boy it sure has been dreary lately hasn't it? I've been taking my vitamin D for lack of sun.

I see a few bugs here too. I belive spring is around the corner, I really do.

Will catch up with you soon.