Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SIL Challenge

This was a challenge my SIL Barb  found

Debossing Stamped Images

and challenge Nina and I to
so here is my card
below shows which items on my card are just debossed
another look just show how the butterfly and Friend
are raised on the card and the rest of the card face is flat
the three flowers are also lift on the first of the card to.

I know it is not how she show to do the card ...but I really don't have a lot of matching
stamps and embossing stuff.
Make sure you stop by Barb and Nina
I know those girls will have some fab cards to show


Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Judy,

You did GREAT with your card - its absolutely artsy and interesting. You really stepped out on this one and its a success!


Notes by Nina said...

Very pretty card Judy, lovely paper and elements. Another fun Family Challenge under our belts.