Saturday, August 2, 2014

                Was chatting to my SIL Barb last night she was working some cards and gave me the idea to look around and create a card to so here it is
It is what they call a spinner card the little van you see spins from side to side
in the that curve slot you can see.
Friends are moving and I wanted to create a card for them
I flocked the clouds with white and the trees with green
I printed the layout of house on to the card then did another copy
so I could colorand raise the houses.
this is Marlene and Bob in their van with some boxes and heading to their new home.
Again van is from a coloring page and I colored.
We have had a chance to visit the grandkids up north
one of my grand daughters likes to make cards ..
so when I got home I put together a box of stuff for card making and sent it up.
Here is her first 2 cards with some of the stuff...
birthday cards for her cousins

 good start Jordy them


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon Judy :)
I LOVE your card and the puffy clouds and the way you made the van spin. AWESOME! What a COOL idea to use a van from a coloring page!! I hope I remember that!!:)
Jordy's cards are so COOL! You are so sweet to send her the materials needed for them.:)

Huge hugs my friend!!'

Being Mrs Miles said...

HA -

Look at that darling fun card!

It is like a little toy in itself.

Your granddaughter's cards are sweet too, thanks for showing!


Notes by Nina said...

Ok, I have been very absent from commenting on your blog. You have created some fun and bright cards.