Friday, April 28, 2006

Well this one is to my husband....who has been working so hard on the lawns... the pond..and the flowerbeds. He has done an awesome job. And I want to share it with you all. The slide show are more pictures of what an awesome job he has done ...the picture you see with just the tall stuff is bamboo it grows about 6" a day (since this picture)they are now over the fence. And the flowerbeds ...I want to thank you for Barry. (Gives me more room for flowers.) And the pond is so clear has you can see the fish so clearly. If you are in the neighbour hood please stop by.
We would love to have and to share our Garden with you.

God bless ....



Being Mrs Miles said...

you've done a terrific job on this! Your yard looks amazing and very inviting...wish we were there right now. I love seeing the new things on your blog Judy! Love, Barb and Miles