Monday, May 22, 2006

I just want to show off the beautiful plants my daughters and granddaughters got me.
Mother's Day was awesome ..the girls took me out for lunch and then give me these beautiful plants you can see one is an orchid (so say a little prayer for me..not to sure on how to grow them). The other one with the weird looking flower is from the lily family and they say it can grow in your flower beds outside. (not sure I want it out there in the yard)

thanks to Victoria Secret for the papers
Marcee for the film strip


Anonymous said...

How AWESOME of a day it sounds like you had. I wasn't able to view the pics. but your day sounded nice! :)

I just found your blog and it's VERY interesting...if you stop by mine here anytime'll see my kids in the adventure of planting their very first vegetable garden and hopefully in a few days I'll be able to post them planting their own flowers too!!! LOL
Hope that you can find the time to come by my blog site and please post a comment when you do...I like for those who visit my site to let me know they've been there :) (you will need to 1. register (FREE), on the right side of my site before you post...this is just to make your visits more personalized, etc. and then 2. click "Leave Your Comments" back at the regular part of my site on any comments that interests you, and then 3. "Post Reply" once the comments page comes up and type your comment).

I'll try to visit your site regularly and hope that you visit mine as well! :) God Bless! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I finally see the pretty!!! :)