Monday, May 22, 2006

Hi to All
Sorry this so far behind....but work and travel.
Who has time. These pictures are from our stay at Edith lake this May...Melissa wanted to camp our first time with us. So we drove her to school
(about a 20 min ride)she then ask if a friend could stay so Danika got to stay for a night.
Papa let the girls have a turn driving the boat. it was Danika's first time ..she was so happy.
The last day there is when the snow came. It was cold..but it looked so beautiful.
Barry did catch a nice fish to make the camp trip all worth it. (wish you all could of been there}


thanks to Bderksen for the elements used in this picture (love the rainbow)


Anonymous said...

Fishing can be fun. I remember as a little girl my dad used to take me out fishing all the time. I just wouldn't ever bait my hook! LOL