Friday, June 2, 2006

Me again...and my grandaughters they are the greatest gifts God gives us

Our Children and our here I go showing them off ..hope you enjoy them.

Abi(left corner) Jordana (bottom left)Matty(middle)Hannah(middle bottom)and Melissa(bottom right corner)
Jordana and Matty live in Alberta. Hannah and Abi and Melissa live here in Kamloops.
I know I enjoy them and love having them around .

This picture here the girls figured it would be neat to put lip gloss on each other.
It was so cute....

In this last picture the girls were having a fun last time together before they left the next morning. We will miss them. Melissa was sad to see them going.

We here can't wait for them to come down for the summer and we can't wait to go and visit them in Fairview, Alberta.

Grandkids aren't they great.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. I love the last one of Melissa, Jordana and Madison. Good job. Min

Being Mrs Miles said...

OHHH Jud, these are so sweet! Way to go! Can't wait to spend a day together learning new things. You are growing every day. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jud...

a little insomnia setting in so I thought I'd take a look. It's lookin really cute, you got some cute pics of the girls and aj's bday one is neat.

Got to admit, that camping one has me a little jealous!

talk to you soon