Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Our meet at Lake Enid ...6 great and wonderful days with Dave and Neti ( two people we love very much ). We have met here for the last 4 years at least. And what a beautiful place can see God's wonderful work you look around at the beauty.

This year our start to the trip was really different ..for starters a tire blew up just has we got to Revelstoke ..neat part was God was there blew has we were stopping to have supper ...not going fast down the highway. We went into AW and the lady there was so helpful..she give us the number of a tire store and let us use the phone. The next touch of were God helped out ..was this happen around 5:00 oclock on a Tuesday night ...the fellow at the tire store was just closing up ..but came any ways ....he change tires around on the truck with his tools and put on the new set of tires ...and only charge $50.00 for all of that. So we were able to continue on our way. We had driven about 2 hours ..when are granddaughter said I have to go ( well you know where) Papa pulled over and pulled the stairs down on the 5wheel and she went...they than decides they want to take a bit of a walk ...but Melissa step in to some dog back into the trailer to get some paper towel. He got the shoes all cleaned up. And we started back on our journey to meet Uncle Dave and Auntie Neti. Has it was starting to get dark in the distance you could see that there as a storm coming ..the lightning was awesome. We were about 20 minutes from the lake when we heard a crushing sound ...Barry was not sure so we kept going. Well we finally got to Lake Enid was dark but we found where Dave and Neti had put their camper and we then parked beside them. I got out to go and set up the stairs to the 5th wheel when to my surprise they were already down ..and guess what we were missing our bottom step.Now we knew what the crushing noise was ..our stair being ripped off. Again we were blessed had not hurt or damaged anything other then are stair. The next morning the boys went looking and found the stair right some screws and fixed it right up. So we decide to set up and get ready for the holiday and fishing and time with family. We were got a spot right on the was beautiful. So we set up......Barry set up the satellite(hockey game was going to be on the next night). and camp was set up ...we were all ready to go fishing . So I ask Barry to pull the truck around so I could use my air compressor to blow up my belly boat. He said sure no problem....he jumped into the truck and drove over the satellite dish. The one he had just set up. But blessed again still worked. Our three what can go wrong happen and were dealt with and there was a peace about it. Things could of been worse ...but we were all their, about to share good times , campfires and lots of love.
OH YES....and to let everyone know that Barry won the fishing derby....first fish, biggest fish, and the most fish ...could of cost all of us lots of money ...but he just said he wanted to be able to tell I told himI would put it up on my blog...Barry was THE FISHERMAN this year at Lake Enid ...with Neti came in close with lots of fish to.( as you see in the top picture bro Dave sleeps away in the boat).

Well I hope you enjoy our adventure ..we did thru all that happen...we were blessed.


Being Mrs Miles said...

Oh MY GOODNESS Jud - Its amazed that you all arrived with no human limbs missing by the sound of it lol! Talk about adventures! Poor Missy - I am sure we all have our doggy doo doo tales...he he. Your layouts look awesome - it must have taken a terrific amount of work, but what a treasure for future generations. Thanks soooo much for sharing - feeling like somehow we were there a bit now. Hugs and Love, Sis and Smiles

Anonymous said...

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