Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well we are off to have a fun day of tobogganing , snowmobiling ...and a big fire for roasting hot dogs finish last night the boys (DJ & Barry) did a fireworks show ...I will get some pictures later on ...but I was reading my SIL blog and thought this was so awesome ...hope she does not mind but I added the item to my blog ...but please make sure you go over and read her blog and also receive the free elements she has ....she is a very talented lady...

List of Priceless Gifts to Give:

To your enemy - forgiveness;

To your opponent - tolerance;

To your friends - your heart;

To your child - a good example;

To your father - deference;

To your mother - conduct that will make her proud;

To yourself - respect;

To all men - charity.

Be thankful -

for the friends who have forgiven you,

for the enemies who keep you cautious,

for the difficulties which make you struggle,

for the emergencies which make you think,

for the hardships which make you strong,

for the disappointments which make you try harder.

(So just click on SIL in red and you will get to Barb's blog site )

Have a great day

Picture will be added tonight.....


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for uplifting me Judy. You're always such a support. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Judy
Luv ya