Thursday, February 7, 2008

Grand Daughter
Granddaughter, you're the future
through time flies by so fast
Here's a wish for happiness
and love that's meant to last.
so it's only natural
now that your birthday's
here to wish for you a special dayfilled
with happiness and cheer
Happy Birthday
Happy 7th Birthday Jordana
We love you and miss you girl...
I hope you get all that you wished for
God Bless you and keep you
Love Papa , Grama, and Melissa ..tooo
Thanks to Mrs Miles for the elements used
in the layout


Being Mrs Miles said...

Happy Birthday Jordana! We hope you had a wonderful day and got spoiled. Gramma`s layout is just spanky. Wow - 7... are you sure you did not skip a few years...

Love, Auntie Barb and Uncle Miles

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jordana love you lots........Great layout...

Anonymous said...

looks good ma! Love you Jordana Raye!!!!! Aunty S