Wednesday, February 6, 2008

These pictures are from Bill (Barry's twin)....
he is working in the area of Baker Lake ..
which is in Nunavet.
Bill says when these pictures were sent to
Barry the temperature was -58....oh boy that is cold
(please remember to click on the layout to
get a large view of it and also just click on Baker lake to
Learn more.)
awesome picture of SunDogs
Way to go Bill ..

This last picture was from Bill at Yellowknife and in their musuem neat

sculpture of a Polar Bear

Thanks Bill for sending the pictures to Barry and sharing .....hope you enjoyed the layout I did ...


Being Mrs Miles said...

Neat pictures - and makes me feel positively tropical down here! Thanks for sharing, Judy. It was nice for Bill to give permission to have his pictures published on your blog! It gives us all a chance to share in his adventures.

Hope you are having a good day!

Love, Sis

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,

Nice pics of me! Just what I like to see..hahahhaha...all about me!

Enjoy! But the last pic of the polar bear is not the museum it is the airport in Yellowknife. See ya in Tofino!


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,

Very nice layouts. Thank you for sharing.