Monday, May 5, 2008

Here are a few more pictures from mom or nanny's day ...
the girls Abi and Hannah wanted to do a lunch for
their Nanny....
so Papa and I joined in ...
it was fun
again Mom

Thanks again to Olivia (aka Mrs Miles ) for the kit used to do this layout.

Happy Birthday Mom & Nanny
today is my mom's 74th b-day
and all the kids and grandkids wishes and pray the best for you

I want to thank AmyW for the papers and frame for this layout and Olivia (aka Mrs Miles) for the lettering used. Make sure to visit these talented ladies site for lots of freebies and help.


Being Mrs Miles said...

Happy Birthday to Mom. 74 is a nice age, I think! Your layout is very sweet. Thinking of you too - (hugs!)

Love, Sis

Being Mrs Miles said...

Wow - your second layout is even nicer - my kit goes PERFECTLY with Mom's flowers. Great pics Judy... but where's the icing for that cake? LOL. Thanks for sharing!


Kim B said...

AWW- those Lo's are precious! LOVE them and I also love the 1st one up- the bright colours look BEAUTIFUL with her flowers-
OOOh and was reading about the golfing! Girl- you have to give it a try LOL, it's FUN ( and frustrating-trust me!) and can cost when most of your balls land up in the bush or in the water ( yup- that's where a LOT of mine land up)- but it sure is fun to be in the sun and fresh air having a good walk and a challenge at the same time! LOL
Sending hugs and hoping that Barry is recovering well.

Greg said...

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