Friday, June 20, 2008

Well here are two very special people ...I have had the opportunity to meet this couple ..before they were married is their story
Tom and Robbie meet and were married 1970 ...where something happen and they divorced in 1977 ..they had two kids (one boy , one girl)..and from what I know of their daughter they had two great kids life would move on for a bit 7 years ..maybe there is something to this 7 year itch (don't know for sure ) but these two would unity again and have been together since. Now this January 2008 they decide to do the right things for their kids and their love ...yes folks they got married May 11, 2008. Love can beat all odds and stand ...well

Tom & Robbie we wish you the best ..and may God bless you always ...

Now there granddaughter Ellesia was lucky to be their flower girl and to be part of the awesome event ..way to go ELLESIA


Being Mrs Miles said...

What a beautiful story! Thanks so much for sharing it with us Judy. I am sure they completely appreciated you putting this together for them. You've done a terrific job of it all. I'm looking forward to chatting w/ you soon.


Anonymous said...

Judy thank you so very much for sharing my mom & dads means alot to me! You are a wonderful blessing and I can't thank you enough for your beauty!