Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well has many of you know we now have been living in our fifth wheel one year...yes one whole year through all the seasons...and I must say the hardest one for me has been this spring ..see I had a very awesome flower..pond(with fish)...cherry tree and of course the standby apricot tree ..and private many people could not believe the backyard today I had the good fortune of being able to go out to Barriere and take in Ivy's beautiful flower beds and boy what a yard she has ...thank you Ivy for the lunch ..the good company ..and a chance to see your yard.....(we are trying to talk Candy and DJ into getting married in her back yard if all you could say a little prayer ..we all could have a great yard wedding set in a beautiful flower garden ).
( and thanks sis ...another thing learned you )

This was posted in a uncle sent it to me and I thought maybe some of you might like to read it is the truth ..for back in my day ..but for today just does not happen.... remeber to click on it to enlarge it.


Being Mrs Miles said...

Wow Judy, what a POWERFUL message - i LOVE it! I will have to share this with our Pastors. You made the photos look awesome - and though it entirely Candy and DJ's choice where to get married, that certainly looks like a heavenly place! I miss chatting to you - I'll be looking for you on the various chats!

Thank you for sharing - you make my world a brighter place.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful backyard I can see why you wanted to share it. Thank you for the article how true is that.....Again thanks for being you you are an inspiration!
Can't wait to get up there and see you all and be with you all!