Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good Morning to all ....
Well on Friday I visited this very neat blog page ....and wow I fall in love with the lady's very awesome blog layout she had for Christmas ...especially the Xmas balls. So me being me I ask her where she got them ....and her reply was she designed them ...they are awesome and she is giving them away as a freebie please drop by her site and say hi and see these awesome designed balls.....Vj's Scrap Room

Now I also know my SIL Barb (Mrs Miles) has a freebie up for her brothers birthday ...very cute Festive stop by her site.

And has many of you may know another SIL has started a blog site.... Nina (Notes by Nina)...check it out she has some very awesome card ideas and lets you know what to use ....maybe she could give us lesson thru the blogs awesome site to visit.

So any ways ..I was playing this morning ...hope you like it ..I have always loved the window created by Olivia ODorazio so here it is all decorated up....

Credits go to : Olivia ODarzio aka Mrs Miles for the window..the xmas balls to Valj ....and the rest of course to KimB ...between all her festive Xmas kits she has put out will have a hard time to see what you will play with next ....thank you ladies for all the time and love that goes into all that you created.

Well enjoy your Sunday ..and God bless you all

P.S found this saying and thought of so many of you out there and the love you show and share and for what you believe in ....

Remember: Our lives are the only Bible some people will ever read, so make sure yours makes the right impact on others


Being Mrs Miles said...

Oh Judy!!! What a clever idea for the window - Valinda's balls look just simply amazing in there, and all the little creatures of Kim's too. How VERY festive and fun.

The saying is SO so dead on, thanks so much. Love chatting with you!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Judy..oops..actually it's after noon now.LOL
Thank you soo much for mentioning me and adding the link to by blog.:)How sweet!
Wow! What a wonderful surprise to see your beautiful window design.!! Fantastic job putting it all together like that!:)I love Barb's window and Kim does such wonderful work too! Thank you so much for showing it to us.:)
Hope your hubby had a wonderful bday! We celebrated my Brother's yesterday..early..his is Christmas day.:)
I LOVE your layout for Matty.How pretty! She looks soo happy!!:)
Your hubby and his brother look soo much alike.I told Barb I thought I was seeing double.LOL
Love the older pics with the newer ones on your layout.:)
Glad you could use the bulbs!!:)