Thursday, December 18, 2008

Now this is my attempt at doing a color challenge using Andrea Dickinson kit called Dizzy...Kim B picks these awesome colors about 5 in total and then puts them out there for these awesome ladies to create with ...and for doing these challenges get a free kit from kimB and all the kits the ladies have made for these colors is awesome . Well not only did I try to do the color challenge ..but Andrea Dickinson was also doing a quote challenge ..and I though it fit in well with this layout ...these girls maybe sisters ..but they are friends I hope you like make sure you check out DSO and all the wonderful things they do and all the help these ladies will give you

This is the card my SIL Nina made ...I hope I caught it good enough for you to see how I think they called it embossed it with the sparkles in the is awesome ..Thank so much Nina ...we love it

Make sure to stop by her blog ...just click on her name and away you'll go

This is card holder my daughter Sam made ...behind the little reindeer are clothes pins to hold the cards....their are about 12 little reindeer's to this cardholder....


Andrea said...

Your girls are adorable! Such a cute picture of them! It's always nice when siblings actually like each other! haha LOVE your FABULOUS layout!!! Thanks for using my kit and wordart! I like how you colored each word!

Oh wow! That card is sparkly & beautiful!! Darling Rudolph card holder too!!

Merry Christmas!

Being Mrs Miles said...

WOW - you did amazing with the challenge, do you know I've NEVER done one, ever? I'm in awe, you will have to show me how.

Sammy's so talented too - the holder is soooo sweeet!

Nina, of course is a NATURAL!

I'll try to catch you later!

~ Love you - SIL

Anonymous said...

Wow your LO is brilliant, love the stars and string, such a lovely photo too

Kim B said...

WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO- Judy this is AWESOME!! and you did a BRILLIANT JOB on this! LOVE it! Love what you did with the word art too!
Thanks so much-
And are'nt Nina's cards DIVINE!!