Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy Early
Birthday Papa
to all
who came.
It was noisy, funny
and filled with love .
(Barry's B-day is not till Dec 6th) but this was a time that a lot of family
could make it . Our son Shawn and his family wanted to be able to spend a day celebrating his dad birthday and getting together with family and friends.
It was a weekend full ....from Papa building a fort with his grand girls blowing out candles.

We all missed you David and Neti ..but we all know how work schedules are...but we all took a bit of ice cream cake for you you guys .


Anonymous said...

Great job with the layouts mom they look great....We always make for very busy family photos with such a big family it was a great day spent togeather....

Being Mrs Miles said...

Oh Jud!! You did a terrific job with the pictures. It was a great celebration (I can still taste your delicious food!) We will have to do this again in the spring when the weather improves. Thanks so much for posting! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Awsome job Jud bou your not 50 anymore

Anonymous said...

Love the pics

Anonymous said...

Hope your Blog is working good for you now!