Sunday, November 19, 2006

Well one of our new things is our truck......(in the hope of selling our house)we found out that our new fifth wheel weight was more than are other truck could handle . So we need to step up...and we were blessed with this awesome 2003 Dodge Ram Cummins(yes I know I said Dodge)...but the Lord was looking out for us ..for when we head out to follow our dream...we needed something to pull our fifth wheel.

The truck is awesome inside leather seats....air conditioned to heat seats for winter is 4 doors so all can get in and get out ..with out having to jumping out to let others out...nice big back seat ...and some really neat storage compartments. We are very happy with it....and it looks good with the fifth wheel...hehehe


Being Mrs Miles said...

Yes, this is QUITE the truck! Its nice to have something in excellent shape and with such nice features. You folks work hard and you deserve some nice things. I pray your plans for the future are realized soon! Love ya! Sis