Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Sorry I am so far behind ..but I have been busy...last Saturday I had the day off to go with the grandkids to Vernon..the main street of Vernon opens their doors to trick and treaters starting at 3:00 in the afternoon..there were 47 business...a nice are a few pictures

We then all went for dinner at Salmon Arm so all of us could head to the Haines Museum Haunted House.

Bobby & Sharley & AJ ..Glen & Patty & Abi & Hannah...thanks for the fun day.

Thanks to Bannerwoman and Bderksen for the elements used to do the pages.


Being Mrs Miles said...

Your Scrap pages ROCK Sistah! Way to go - I can't believe you do as much as you do! Thanks SO MUCH for faithfully blogging and sharing your beautiful family w/ us! Love ya

Anonymous said...

your pics turned out great jud!

sorry some of the ones i took with pat's camera didn't fair so well, but that's what you get sometimes i guess with an unfamiliar camera. i'll work on it! I'm sure pat will want me to take some with her new one again soon

good job though. thanks for coming out, it was alot of fun and melissa looked great in her costume last weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the layouts love the pictures of the girls..It was a wonderful day the kids loved grandma coming