Sunday, June 17, 2007

Well camp is set and the lake was inviting the weather ..well

the weather is not beening nice ..but hey we can sit in comfort

Well as you can see Electra is right at home ...bad weather or not ...she can sleep

Thanks to Miles and Barb for the call and the love you sent ....we miss you guys and will see you soon .....David I will try not to out fish your brother.....( Neti we are still in the lead for fish ..hehehe)..thanks for the call to was nice to know the cell numbers worked for you all .


Being Mrs Miles said...

Beautiful Pics Jud - you and I both took ones with water - see, great minds think alike!

Ah, sometimes its nice to have not-so-nice weather too, not as many bugs and you don't get cooked out! The kitty looks so cute all cuddled up.

Looking forward to time with you! Love, Sis and Smiles