Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well what a nice night at the lake ......Melissa and I got home about 5:00 last night here's what we got to see....

Papa had a nice fire going for us and a nice brook trout barb-qing....what a life ...then he helped Melissa make those awesome smores...

golden brown ...and good. ( hey sis did you get our favourite marshmallows yet) Neti found those awesome coconut covered marshmallows ..boy roast them and they are so good.

Well all of you have a great day ...miss you all .



Being Mrs Miles said...

mmm did you say coconut and marshmallows? Be right there. I always burn mine, by accident. Perhaps Melissa will have to teach me how not to burn them. What a great place to spend the weekend! Thanks for sharing the photos - love ya, Sis