Thursday, June 7, 2007

Well we are down to 8 days left to go it really hits home...
we are starting to see an open empty house ..
Our granddaughter Melissa was sad yesterday is her ..very first move in her life ..
but she is looking forward also to the traveling and visiting we will be able to do.
So if you could just keep her in your prayers.
This home here is a friend of ours a beautiful old English style.home...we have been watch the river came up fast ..they are on the North Thompson so it is coming up fast...

This picture here Sienna ...Bill and Maggie's granddaughter...she is a little cute....


Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Jud - Looks like QUITE the nice home - hopefully the river does not flood it's banks! Cute pic of Sienna! We're praying for your last days at the house ... know it must be a happy/sad time for all of you, and specially so for Melissa. Give her a big hug for me!

Love ya,