Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well has many of you know we are now on the big adventure ....we started off living at a lake since june 15th then off to Fairview Alberta July 15th hanging with the Shawn and Mindi and the grandkids Jordana and Matty.....awesome...trip through the highway that leads to Mcbride and then on to PG and Chetwynd ...boy that town has grown...then over to Dawson Creek..then over to Rycroft, Alberta then up to Fairview.....we got to spend a week with the kids ..thanks guys ..well I hope you will enjoy some of the pictures of the start of our trip


Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Judy & all!

Your pics are just lovely - you DID have a big adventure. The photos of the bear are amazing, were you eating at the table at the time? Thanks for sharing w/ us. I've sure missed you online! Catch up with you soon, my Sis! hugs

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Judy, your summer looks like it was fabulous.It is nice to see you back on your blog,I have missed visiting.