Saturday, September 22, 2007

So after saying goodbye to DJ and Candy and the kids ..and Samantha..( who I won't get to see for another three weeks) We headed to Uncle Bob and Aunt Rose's for a lunch ..and boy what a lunch ..they spoiled us rotten . I want to thank you both ..especially you Auntie Rose for making Melissa feel so welcome..see Melissa was not feeling good ..and Auntie Rose reached out and made her feel at home ....again THANKS . We loved the visit and I would of loved to stay longer ...but you know time we will make it longer.....

Now I know this is late ..but Barry and I and Melissa ..want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday ..and we send all our love ......XOXOXO


Being Mrs Miles said...

these pics are just WONDERFUL jud... thanks for sharing Sis.

I've got a little something on my blog for you... but I have to run now as I'll be late for church if I don't. Please take a moment to got to Gina's blog as its the one year anniversary of her son's death. Hugs

love ya!


Cicero Sings said...

Hi Jud!

I've come to visit you from Barb's blog. I like your slide shows. We want to buy a little T@B trailer and travel across Canada one day. When I was a wee thing I use to live up in Taylor, north of Dawson Creek. I'd like to go back there one day. We did the Drumheller, southern Alberta trip camping not too long ago as my folk were raised in southern Alberta. We went to a camp site on the Milk River that we really enjoyed. You park yourselves in Barriere I see ... if we go to Kamloops, we go via Barriere as we like to take the scenic route through the Sheridan/Bridge Lake area. We live in the 100 Mile area. By the way, how DO you like living in an R.V.? Barb says I leave the longest comments ... I do get carried away sometimes. Ta, ta and enjoy your travels!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy:
We like your blog as its about family only and keeps us in touch with you all. Uncle Bob says if he knew his picture was going to be posted he would have sucked in his stomach or at least sat up. Its was nice to see you and hope to see all of you again. Hugs, Aunt Rose.