Thursday, September 13, 2007

Before heading into Fairview ....we stop at a place called is a beautiful spot ..we camped the cost $25.00 for the night ...with power included fire wood it allowed us to take the tour of the historical was a place where alot of fur trading was done....the Hudson Bay company had astore will notice the church and the beautiful painting inside it..these pictures were painted with...stuff found like yellow was egg yolk raspberries or is awesome to pictures don't do it justice...after taking this tour ...if you stop and took their 10 minute survey....they gave you a coupon for any other historical site for free....we picked the museum in Drumheller..which would of cost us $30.00 ...boy does Alberta do an awesome job of promoting their province. Mindi and the girl came down and camped with us in the fifth wheel ...see we can too have company came...thanks Mindi and Jordana and Matty for coming and spending the night.


Being Mrs Miles said...

and thank YOU for sharing your trip with us!!! Your slideshow Rocks! You will have to teach me how to do that all over again LOL. Hugs to you, I'm going online to see if you are on too. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful......I'm glad you are enjoying finally having the time to slow down and enjoy life.Great pictures love the slide show.