Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Because today's so special
it really wouldn't do,
to send one simple birthday wish
to last the whole year through...
So this wishes happy moments,
a day when dreams come true,
and a year that's filled with all the things
that mean the most to you.

All our love ..Nina
Barry, Judy, and Melissa

Well it's also my brothers birthday .....

To My Brother
A greeting on your birthday

For a very happy day

And then a year

That brings the best

Of everything your way

Enjoy your special day!

Happy Birthday Ron

love Bear, Jud, Missy


Anonymous said...

Thank you Judy for your Birthday wishes and beautiful Tea pot. You are doing wonderful layouts, very impressive.


Being Mrs Miles said...

Your so honouring to your family Judy - You always take time to think of the people you care about.

Glad you got power long enough to make this entry. Thanks for sharing!

PS - I like the font you used on Ron's layout... do you remember the name of it?


Unknown said...

way to go babe, i"m impressed.
No wonder you can"t get the garbage out or the dishes done!