Monday, November 5, 2007

well today is
Candice Corrine's Birthday
Dear Daughter
Though special times
like birthdays
seem the nicest ones by far
to tell you very lovingly
how wonderful you are
You surely know
you're loved a lot
each day the whole year through
And are always wished
the special things
that mean the most to you.
Happy Birthday
All our Love always
Barry , Mom and Melissa
(Melissa says to tell you she loves you Aunty Candy)
(Thanks to Daisie for the elements used and Denise for the film strip)


Being Mrs Miles said...

Wow - I love the way you did this layout Judy - you really used some awesome techniques!

Yes, you are blessed with three wonderful daughters, for sure. Candy has a special way about her - and I'm sure it has a lot to do with how her mom, you, raised her.

Thanks for sharing - I love to come see whats new. Catch up with you later!