Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Like the frost crystals ..each one being different and is the same for us as people..we were created different ...but made to stand together... I know many may judge me for "being religious" but you who judge me that way could be easily also be considered to be the "religious ones", after all, you see the world tells not to smoke ... what alcohol does to unborn babies... to families... the world tells to hate... to go to war for their beleiveths... we are taxed ...

The Lord allows me free choice of knowing the differences between good and bad. I gain freedom once I learn what He has and has given for me to have a GOOD life...

I pray you'll read this entire journal entry and not stop because you have judged me... please give me the same courtesy I would extend to you!

I am praying for you as you read through today's entry...

Well today begins the battle ... the battle about who I am. I recently attended a women’s conference. The speaker was Lisa Bevere. She's a powerful woman of God and a terrific speaker who I'd highly recommend! She has written a few books... and she chose to talk to us ladies about her book called “Fight Like a Girl” In her book she addresses the idea of how we women sometimes feel we must fight like men or fight dirty ... and therefore, some of us women can be pretty mean people. And this is not what the Lord has in mind for us ....

It is strange, but I've never realized that God is trying to give us freedom. God is all about freedom. He desires us totally to be free so we can be completely His.

Galatians 5:1
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

We like to make a reason for why we are 'victims' – or too fat, too thin (etc) and we therefore handicap ourselves and we give up fighting. But God never will give up on us. He loves giving us the opportunity to face what we fear, because when we face our fears we become fearless.

That is were I sometimes get trapped ... trying to be what I think what other people expect me to be and I wind up not only with the problem unsolved but also being a problem myself!

I think that is why we like hanging with the men - they deal with things in a straighforward manner, they say it and do it and don't worry so much about other people.

See God created us women to stand with our men ..for them to be strong and our protectors, and us women to be loving nurturing - the precious vessels to carry God’s seed. The Lord called us to be daughters of the Most High God..

Heavenly Father,

I want to walk in truth and light.

I want to reveal myself as the woman You created me to be.

Forgive me for hiding behind the facade of a man.

I believe there is ultimately more power in my revelation as a woman.

Holy Spirit, have Your way in my life.

I want to fight my battles in my mightiest form.

I will not draw back in fear, but I will boldly stake my claim to fight all that comes between my honour, my Lord and my family.


I enjoyed listening to Lisa as she shares her wisdom about the things which most of us as women struggle with, in particular how we gossip, often saying one thing to someone's face, and yet another behind someone's back.
Lisa hopes to teach us women to open the door to allow the Lord to make each one of us woman (and the women of the world) see each other has the Lord sees us. He has given each of us the strength and power and love to do battle!

I want to be the voice of a mother to the young, a friend to my sisters, and a daughter to those who now rest awhile after so many years of dancing. I want to help women capture the beauty and strength of their life seasons. No matter what our present season or perspective, this cannot happen until we first learn to love one another and who we are as women.

One message Lisa delivers is being a women is not a problem... it is the answer. The more she shares she guides us through scripture where God tells us what we were created for... and of the powers He has given us. He is the one that formed us. It is His words that set us free. We are not man made - we are heavenly made.

Each day look in the mirror and say ”I am an answer. I have the power to rock this world. I was created for good and not harm. I don’t need to roar, for I hold the power of the whisper. I don’t have to be black and white...for I am the color and beauty of creation.” Women are not men , but they are often the men’s answer.

Genesis 2 :18

It is not good for a man to be alone.
I will make a companion who will help him.

For so long I've believed that I am a problem, thinking “If I did this or that ...or whatever it would take to have people like me.” I forgot the most important thing of all! That the Lord does love me. He is trying to set me free. Free from where we 'human' men and women place me.
If you search the Bible you'll find that God loves his daughters and wants so much for them and has so much to give them. I hope in the days that follow and has I read on ...the Lord will set my soul free and show me the plans His has for me..

Heavenly Father,

I come before You in the name of Jesus. I believe You see me as lovely. I believe You created me and knit me in my mother’s womb for good and not for harm. I have been attacked as a problem; I want to be released as an answer. I lift my face to You; restore the tenderness of my voice. I want to bring healing and hope to a lost and dying world, but first I need You to intimately touch and heal my own life. Change my perspective. Restore my soul . Call me lovely. Hold me close. I remove the awkward costume and come before You ready to be redressed in the splendour of my origin. Spirit, breathe life on every dead and barren place. Open my eyes to see what I can be, and open my ears to hear You call me by my name.



Being Mrs Miles said...

Judy, what a powerful message. I am so glad to see you walking in the strength and word of the Lord. Thank you for being an encouragement to me today, and for being a Sister In Christ to me too.

with love,

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Thank you so very much for pouring your heart to the lord. What a powerful and inspirational message. Thank you for sharing the word.
In his name,

Anonymous said...

wow, Jude!! I love your blog!! Very inspiring and wonderful... but hey, that's who you are! So amazing to see you at the conference, felt like the good old days where we would see each other all the time. I love your blog and your page. You are so talented with the computer. Very impressive!! You are a very encouragement to my spirit Judy and always have been. I love you tons and am excited that you are going to take what God has spoken to you and do it!! That is most incredible and God will bless you for it. The Bible says, we are not only to be hearers of the WORD but DOERS!!! That is what you are doing. I look forward to reading more of your blog and keeping in touch. Love you very much.
Love Andrea