Saturday, July 19, 2008

And here is the catch of the day ....a beautiful Pickeral ....good eats for dinner.

Those girls are in the water for hours and it is warm water...and the beach is sandy ....Melissa has made some friends she doing a lot of swimming now

From left to right ...Melissa ...Mindi...Jordanna....Matty

He or she is so tame ...I actually got this close to him ...there is no zoom here is me walking up to see how close I could get to him..or her. But we found out the potato chips were enough for him or her to stay put for some photos ....

Well has you can see the sky's here show all for miles ...wish I knew how to capture all the different colors in the sky ...but alas ..this is one of my better times ..taken pictures of the sky.


Being Mrs Miles said...


I never had any idea Alberta has such a beautiful lake. Looks like you are having a lovely time - say hi to everyone!

The squirrel is TOO CUTE!

Thanks for sharing, Sis