Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well has you can see these girls are having lots of fun and Papa is to ..hahaha
The lake is warming nicely ...even Shari and I and Samantha and the Ellesia and Melissa swam floated to the other side of the lake..and yes we got a bit sun burnt ..but it was fun ...there is a rope tied to a tree where they swing out and drop in the water ...well has we all know Samantha is I'll try anything once ..maybe even a few more times ..wish my camera had been water proof...some good swings were made.

These little ducklings have grown so much since we got here ..the girls have been feeding them ...Ellesia would love to take one home ...but has you can see in the last picture Mommy or Daddy Goose says no way...


Being Mrs Miles said...

Wow - your lake looks like a miniature version of OUR lake ... only the boat is a little smaller, and probably a bit slower, but the DRIVER is more handsome than anyone on our lake. The waterskiiers and tubers look like they are having every bit as much fun tho. Thank you for sharing the fun pics.

I am not sure if we will get to the fireworks tonight ... or not, it depends. For sure we will stay on this side of the lake tho - could not bear to wait in that horrendous traffic!

hugses and happy Canada Day to you!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Jud! The girls look so naturally happy, thanks for having my girl for the length that you did and making the start to her summer filled with so much happiness!