Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well here we are July 30th …my anniversary…

Barry and I have been legally married 20 years we have been together longer then that. When Barry and I meet I was getting over my first marriage a time when I really did not care if I ever married again. But then I meet this person who well made things different ….I know a lot of you out there might not believe this …but when Barry and I meet we talk ..and I mean talk night we were on the phone for 2 hours talking about who or what we liked . It was nice to have a friend .. who wasn’t trying to get laid. I know some what to believe .. she trapped him …or what ever . But it was not and the Lord knows I can put my hand on the Bible or on my mom’s life and swear this to be true …a jump in the hay did not happen for awhile . We just talked ….. he meet my kids and they loved him right away ….my kids had no trouble adopting Barry and he felt the same way. He has been their dad ever since …and that is going on 23 years ago now . So today is special …I want to thank those that stood by Barry and I …with prayers …love and friendship…you know who you are …you know how much we love you all ….for those of you that hate the fact Barry is still with me …I pray one day you will remove that root of hate ….or bullying ….or cutting us down and trying to show Barry how wrong he is …for your brother has loved me and does love me...and he loves you all ….so on this anniversary we want to wish you all the best ….and many you all have many more happy and loving anniversaries. And maybe ..just maybe …one day you will see your brother is a smart man ..and HE IS LOVED by this woman very much .

Thanks to KimB for the paper and elements used in this layout...this comes froms KimB kit Softly Sweet and you can purchase this kit at DSO

One last layout I have been working on ..I hope you will enjoy it ..the paper the elements are from the sweet ....the bestest....the greastest...friend ..sister..sister-in-law a person can have and did I mention talented and creative and also my guardian angel ....well all others just dump and run ..she stands and tell me how it is with love and understanding ...and still accepts me for me ...

Olivia ODorazio ( aka) Mrs Miles

You can purchase this kit from Sophia Shoppe also

This is my son Shawn ....and me you dearly Shawn ..and thanks again for sharing your time and family with us ....we love you all


Being Mrs Miles said...

Oh Judy,

I am so embarassed, with all the stuff going on here I shoulda shoulda shoulda looked at my calendar, and I hope you can forgive me for I'd missed your BIG DAY. I am so so sorry. PLEASE allow me to do a layout for you - you pick the photo. I know its not the same, but its all I can do. I will set a chat date with you in the very near future and we can share all your holiday.

There are people who DO LOVE you very much - honest, not everyone is against you.

But you truly have blessed Barry's life and I'm so grateful for this. You two have built a wonderful family, the envy of anyone, really.

All my love,
Sis and Smiles

Anonymous said...

Mom that is a very nice layout of you and shawn.

As for what anyone or everyone else thinks about you and Dad who cares as long as the two of you have each other. Remember that and that will get you through all of the negative that tries to come into your life or between your relationship.

I love you mom and Glad you and Dad got to spend the evening just you and dad.