Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well here is our weekend at the coast ...we shopped til we dropped at the MetroTown Mall ...
boy that place is big ...if ever going there give yourself a good couple of days to shop it ....the kids enjoyed the skytrain and I must say boy they sure can pack them in to one of those cars ..there are no limit to the number in one said car....scarey
Then on Saturday we headed to

(I know some of the pictures are missing parts ..please just click on that picture and it will open the picture up to the full size ...sorry about that not sure how to correct it )

This our daughter-in-law Mindi and our granddaughter Madison ..we sure enjoyed the summer we got to spend with them ....Mindi loves to create and loves doing reno's and this lady can cook .

The layout used for this picture was a QP using KimB Kit called Just can purchase this kit at DSO shoppe.

Our granddaughter Melissa ..wants to learn to dirt bike ..well she has been saving ...from yard work to washing cars to those of you who help by donating to her fund....this bike is a bit big for her ...but it is a start ..for Papa to show her the ins and outs ..hehehe

This layout was using Olivia Dorazio(aka Mrs Miles) kit Junkyard Garden is an awesome kit ..well worth getting your hands on ...go to Sophia Shoppe she also will be releasing the second part to this awesome kit ...Junkyard Garden TWO....


Being Mrs Miles said...

WOW - sounds like you had a lot of fun at the coast! Metrotown is one of my FAV. places to visit when we actually make it to that part of our world! The shops are mind boggling - but for me, I could sit and 'people watch' forever! LOL What did you buy???

Loved your slideshow on the playpark - WONDERFUL photos. Miles can't take those fast rides - I dont' think we've been on one together even. What great memories. I love the photo of Barry and Melissa on the ride, thats a winner! I hope they did not eat just prior haha!

What a pretty photo of Mindi and Maddy - KimB's AMAZING QP is perfect for it!

Judy, your BIKE layout is just wonderful - the grungy theme fits in exactly! I think Melissa will be in the REAL picture with the bike soon - cuz she does not already have one, right?

Thank you SO much for promoting my kit, its special that you, my SIL would use it.

HAVE A HAPPY DAY and hugs to all.