Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well it has been a fun filled weekend in Barriere ...

from Happy Birthday to Corey To Abi and Hannah learning to ride their quad themselves ...
the girls came and spent the weekend with Papa and I ...
so they also got to enjoy birthday celebrations
has you can see from the photos in the slide show fun was had by all .
Keisha and DJ and Barry ....DJ made a mistake of saying sure you can sit on my knee
Keisha is DJ's daughter ..and well Barry figure it out ..hehehe

Keisha and Candy

so after a great Barbq and fun ...of riding the quads and motorcyles everyone gathered to watch fireworks that DJ and Barry had gotten ..what an awesome end to the evening.....thanks everybody for the awesome time


Being Mrs Miles said...

Another terrific weekend Judy - it always brings a smile to see your gatherings. I love the pic of Barry on Dj's knee, poor guy might need a knee operation after this one, hay?

Was there lots of campfire cooking etc?

How did Patty make out?

We look forward to meeting Corey one day.

Hope you have a good Sunday Evening and looking forward to your next post.