Friday, August 22, 2008

Well today is a special day is our neice 25TH Birthday today .....


enjoy the day and always remembered you are very much loved.

Now the other reasons this is a special day is it Corey's 33 birthday.


Corey is our daughter's man ...and they are coming out to spend the weekend with us.

So I will be posting more as the weekend goes on.

This is a photo I took and I am so proud of hope you enjoy...

this joke below was sent to me by a very special person and I thought it was worth putting up here today...and I agree with what was said ....

That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Way to go ..thanks for sending it ya


Being Mrs Miles said...

I am sure Melanie will be touched you thought of her for her special day. You're always so good at celebrating the milestones on our family, and I appreciate this about you.

Wishing Cory a Happy Birthday too - looking forward to meeting one day in the future.

Your photo of the flowers are lovely, the layout superb!

I got a good giggle from the cartoon - haha, one that definately could be pasted to our own fridge.

Love ya,
Sis and Smiles