Thursday, October 30, 2008

He's is my brother-in law ...what an awesome MAN
his love for teaching ...his love for songs of praise on to the Lord
and the LOVE of his wife .
Miles ..Barry and I want to wish you the best this birthday .
I know you will be spoiled with love from those around you and from that wife of yours.
She loves her man very much . So today Miles know we all pray the best for you and that the Lord fills your heart with song for you are blessed and are a blessing to those that love you .

Miles and Barb thank you for always being that rock through all things ..the love you two have for each other will be a shining star to all ...and I know that God has bless you both ..with hearts planted solid on His love and word.

I will be posting pictures of our little Abi ..I hope tonight . She is doing great ...thanks for the prayers and all the love.


Anonymous said...

Great layouts......Happy Birthday Miles i hope you have a great day ......

Being Mrs Miles said...


Poor kid - what a lot to go through. Even harder though, I bet, on the parents, and grandparents for that matter.

Looks like you got terrific care, though.

Neti's plant is nice, your layout is perfect for it!

I know Miles will be VERY touched by your layout and our photo - what a nice picture by the way, and I will show it to him soon as I am able.

I DO have special plans for him - and supposed to be painting my toenails at this moment LOL - just wanted to tell you how much I appreicate this.

Sorry about your puter - had no idea. We never buy extended warranty, from ANYWHERE - we've read in consumers its just not worth it. Wish we could have talked about this!

I'll catch up with you at some point.

Love to all

Anonymous said...

Its a little late but Happy Birthday sure your sweetie gave you a wonderful day.