Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well today was one of those days that you want to be on the lake Bare and I head out Badger Lake ...a lake I love going to ...hope to spend a month up there next summer ...Hope you enjoy this small slide show of the beauty we saw today ...

Badger Lake Oct 2008
Well has many of you know Sam turned 30 this pass weekend .. she wanted nothing done for her but we did a few small things for her ...
fun little cupcakes and birthday candle and then Abi had this bright idea a

Looks like she had fun..and boy did she get some good candy ...hehehe

Over the Thanksgiving long weekend ..Bill and Maggie (brother and sister in law) sent all of us some neat picture of their grand-daughter Sienna and Papa(Bill) making some awesome looking cupcakes. So Auntie Barb and I thought we would have some fun with them (make sure to stop by her site )...and yes they were chocolate cupcakes ....hope you saved us all one .

Grandma Maggie did you get one to ..hehehehe

Thanks to Carrie Stephens for the layout elements and paper used in Papa & Sienna Cupcakes. And the paper used in Sam layout used from Barb-bday from Kimb .


Being Mrs Miles said...

I can see why you would want to spend a month at badger lake - its gorgeeous! Wonderful slide show.

Samantha is positively glowing. She's getting more beautiful each year.

A pinata looks so fun, I've always wanted to do one of those. Did you say CANDY? Mmmmm (day three of my diet today!) Hope my willpower stays.

Love your layout of Bill and Sienna - who could ever resist licking the beaters? I remember there always being more kids than beaters as kids.

Hope you have a good day Judy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quiet bday weekend and well yah that pinata.....sure was fun even if i had to beat the kids up to get my Thank you all for follow my wishes as best as you could. love ya all

Being Mrs Miles said...

I miss you Judy.