Saturday, October 4, 2008

Well our daughter Patty DID IT!

She's been working very hard to achieve Grade 12 - not with a GED certificate, but the Dogwood, this means FULL HONOURS! As well as being a wife, and Mom to two very active young girls, she's also had to be a part-time student. Now she can proudly say she's DONE it - and with a great grade average. What an witness for her daughters as they grow and pursue an education.

WAY TO PATTY! Now new educational doors and jobs are open to you - but know first and foremost you are also doing the most IMPORTANT job of all - raising your beautiful family and it shows - Abi and Hannah love their time with you.

I hope you like this layout... as YOUR Mom, I've been waiting for this day for a LONG time - and I hope you know that all of us are SO very proud of you!


Being Mrs Miles said...


I'm so puffed up for you Patty I could just explode! Congrats - it was not so long ago I was right there too - and its not easy to describe that sense of accomplishment. I remember before I grad'd I used to be the first one to say "ah, it does not matter, who really needs it?" but when one stands up there and recieves the reward for all that hard work, and realizes the new open doors - you BET its worth it!

And you doing this while raising a young family. My hat is off to you. Both Miles and I are so very proud of you. Nobody can take this away from you.

Loads of Love {and admiration and respect}

Barb and Miles

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great layout ......I was very excited to be finished with my courses and can't wait to start something for a career.......

Anonymous said...

Well this is coming late but congrats sis!!!! You did it! See a little patients and a lot of ambition and you are done. Love ya