Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing you all the best in the new year...are prayers are with all of you and our love...

Well some of the family gathered at Barriere for Christmas is the snow fall we got ...the boys headed out on snowmobiles on boxing day ...there was 13 guys all together...they said it was beautiful in the back country

These two cutey's were made by my mom ...these are reader digest magazines ..folded and painted ...and heads added ...recycling ..way to go mom....

Here are two more cards that Samantha created....

Well here are two of the gifts that Papa made for our grandgirls ...these hope chests were made for Abi and Hannah is a pile of wood then with a lot of love and hard work they turn into these beautiful chests.


Anonymous said...

Great job ma....i had been waiting to see some new pictures...i know your a busy lady :) Well the hope chest dad made were great...hope they will be appreciated....he was a very busy boy spending all off his time off on those things.

Being Mrs Miles said...

SO GLAD to be home and seeing you post again, Judy! And WHAT A POST - you and your family are so talented. Barry's chests are simply amazing - I bet he could easily market any of these!

Your Mom is so gifted - I still treasure her lace angels! These dolls are a great idea.

Samantha's cards would be a delight to anyone recieving them. Its so wonderful you share this craft with her.

Love you!


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Happy New Year Judy!!:)
Thank you so much for stopping by with New Years greetings.:)
I too love those hope chests!How cool!
I love all the goodies you made and showed us.They look too good to eat.mmmmm.:)
Wonderful job on your layout.I love it!Great pic too!
I love Nina's card.!!!I bet you have a special place for all of the cards she sends you.I keep my favorite cards in a scrapbook,cause those books come in handy for other things besides just scrapping photos.:) I usually scan the inside of the card and then paste the original card to the background paper that will go with it..then paste the scanned part next to you can see what it said ..inside and out.:)Add embellishments to the page and tada..a cool scrap page.:)This way you can use the scrapbooks with the page covers and not have to take the page out to see what the inside of the card says.
I really love the reindeer cardholder.Such a cute idea.!!:)
We haven't had snow here yet this year.Some years we don't get any at all.Time will tell..right?LOL
We just got through having family over to eat New Year's Dinner with us and I am completely worn will say good night for now.:)


Notes by Nina said...

Wonderful post Judy, love the layout. Barry is so talented the Hope Chests are just amazing.