Monday, May 9, 2011

 A beautiful Magnolia bush in Samantha and Corey's backyard...ohhhh it smells so awesome
And here is Ethan he is helping mow the lawn with his bubble lawn mower ...he loves his new back yard.

Patty and her new 2011 Elantra...awesome girl

And here is where we will be in a couple of weeks ...oh wish I was there now...

This photo below should of been after the next one but I can't get it to move so ..the backyard
Here is how it started and then Bare put up the fencing and rototilled ...and we cleaned up

the new look ...and yes the front yard got a new look but I will blog that tomorrow maybe...

The side ....and yes I throw all the Iris out ...

The side now ...we put a door in and the little deck ...and now the flower beds ...thank goodness for my hubby...and the kids...moving into a place that needed some plants moved so we had free stuff to put into our flower beds

The Lilies you see plus the bird bath...were part of my Mother's day present ...thanks girls and grand them...I will post pictures of the other flowers that were bought for me during the week. I must get working on my MoJo Card...


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Judy.:)
Everything is looking so nice.:) LOVE your bird bath.How pretty!!
Hope Etan didn't set the mower blades too low on his bubble mower.LOL
Hope Patty enjoys her brand new car!! Can't think of ANY reason she wouldn't..:)
I am not going to start my Mojo Monday card until tomorrow..maybe.:)
Can't wait to see what you do with yours!!!


Being Mrs Miles said...

Oh Judy, Looking SOOOO GOOD! You've always had a lovely garden, blessed with a green thumb. I am so tickled to see this.

Tried to call this a.m. will try again.

Love, SIL

Olena said...

Beautiful creations! Great job! Olena