Tuesday, May 3, 2011

                       Well here is the one from last week Mojo ..the round card....this card is  bright ...but it grows on you after awhile
Now this card below is called a never ending card is made up a lots of different folds

I hope the pictures do this card justice...maybe a video of it would be better is my first attempt...I am going to try another one soon.
Well we got the feeder hung and the birds moved day and we have to fill them again....
They loved the big blue bowl ...for water ....below was a little guy who came pretty close ....

Can't wait to do the humming bird feeders next ...will have more pics tomorrow....


Notes by Nina said...

Your round card is extraordinary Judy, the colours may be bright but they are fabulous. I love the flowers, did you make them? Your never ending card is very nice, and complicated looking. Very well done.

Samantha said...

Your cards were beautiful mom! I got to see them close up and they are wonderful.
You should do a little vid of the neverending card as it is pretty cool!
Love to see that you have gotten right into creating all those complicated cards.
Can't wait untill the day i can make something really fabulous and complicated.
Great work Mom!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Judy.:)
WOW!! I LOVE both of your cards!!! Amazing!! I would want instructions with the second one though.hehe How in the world would we ever get it put back the way it was.:)How FUN!! A video would be fantastic!! never cease to amaze me with your talent for these BEAUTIFUL cards.:)
I also LOVE the pics of your birds.They sure can eat those seeds in a hurry..huh? I have a feeder too and seems I never have enough for them.:)
Keep in mind that the Hummingbird feeders attract yellow jackets.At least they do here.Jimmy is highly allergic to we don't keep any around..but I LOVE if you take pics..please show them to me.:)

Have a fantastic weekend my friend!!