Monday, May 30, 2011

Yes ...that is right ...a birthday ..another year...
a card from my SIL ...and guardian angel ...Barb
Just love this little purse...and it held all those letters ...what fun...
Hope you can read some of the words ...try clicking on the picture it might enlarge it for you ....I will not be home on Monday ... my daughter needs me to sit ...while she works ....but that is ok ..I will get time with my granddaughters ...pretty sure we can think of some fun stuff to do when they get out of school .


Samantha said...

Well let me be the first...well on here :) To wish you a very Happy Birthday! Wish we could have seen ya today....but we will see ya tomorrow.
Hope the girls were good to you :)

Lots of love from us

VJ's Scrap Room said...

So Sorry I missed it.I had written the date down on printer paper and when my family came over this weekend..I put it up out of reach and got side tracked.I wanted to be sure and wish it on THE day.:( I hope you had fun playing with the grand kids.:) Seems you always do.hehe
Looks like you got some lovely and thoughtful gifts too.YAY!!:)
Warm hugs to you my friend!!

neti's fine crafts said...

Hope you had a awesome Judy!

Notes by Nina said...

Happy Belated Birthday Judy. I hope you had a fabulous day.