Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sturgeon Lake to The Peace River to Fairview and Home

Well our holidays have came to an end for the month of July …we will head out again here in another week. For another 12 days …of fun . But before I move on to that holiday I want to finish this holiday.
I want to thank Shawn and Mindi for making the trip over to Surgeon Lake and the time we had with them…we love seeing the granddaughters Jordana and Madison . They were so much fun. ….
Our son had so much fun out fishing his dad ….and me. And that Mindi can she cook …she made these awesome pies for each one of us over the fire ….cherry or apple were the choices. She got me out on the bike and off we went looking for the beaver dam that was located somewhere in the park was fun Mindi …thanks for the great time.
Melissa, Jordana, and Madison had an awesome time from fishing to card making to riding bikes to swimming and I do mean a lot of swimming ….those girls could of swam till the cows came home..the water was so warm . Melissa was asked back to Uncle Shawn and Aunty Mindi’s for a VBS (bible study week) so we said sure ….so Barry and I did get some time alone on this lake. Thanks for asking guys she loved it …she made new friends and learned a lot .
We left Sturgeon Lake ahead towards Fairview….but we decide to stop at Dunvagen to fish the might Peace River ….boy that river moves ..but we had an awesome time …and it was awesome …both Barry and I caught Northern Pike …boy they sure do get big in the river these fish. No pickerel caught ..darn it. But it was awesome just to catch a fish. We got to watch a helicopter fly in supplies to a crew of fellows working on the Peace River …there are plans to build a big Hydro dam there.

Melissa at VBS in Fairview
After two days there we headed into Fairview to a family lunch that the VBS was doing for the kids and had fun …Papa got a video so has soon as he can he will do a little one for me to blog . The girls were so cute. We spend the next day and a half with the kids …we then left on Sunday afternoon …and headed through the busy BIG city of Grand Prairie…boy that place is so busy and growing so much….looking for a job go there …so many jobs available ..and good pay to boot . We travel down to Hinton and parked there for the night ..and let me tell you it was not a good night …we found out at the point that our cat Sassy had got out of her kennel and was we have a very sad Melissa, Papa and Grama …she is tattoo so just maybe someone will turn her in to the SPCA where she is registered. So going to sleep was rough for Melissa . Well the next morning we did some shopping at Walmart ..and then head home…it is still so green up around this area. Well I must say drivers today they are scarey …they pass on solid yellow lines and they really don’t care who they take out ….we had these two little black cars..that seemed to love jumping in between the motorhomes, trailers was driving Barry crazy one got so close to our backend that we had to stop they were going to be in the bumper. So Barry decide to stop at Robson Prov. Park to let these people pass …then on we went only to get a bit down the road an accident …a little black car ..head on into a Semi truck ..the trucker tried to miss the car and hit a row of motorcycles and one fellow standing by them got a broken leg ….trucker drive was ok …now in this little black car ..which had hardly anything left of it ..well the drive dead …11 year old dead….26 year dead ..a little boy was helicopter out and is in serious condition ..the woman who was driving ..was their aunty. You see the lines were both solid yellow and no one should of been trying to pass ..and not when a truck that big is coming at you..and please plan your time with enough time …life is to short and to gamble with it …it is even shorter. So that was are sad ending to a very awesome trip ..and time with family. And here shortly we will be spending some more time with family ……well all our love to all hope to see all of you over this summer holiday.

Love and hugs
God Bless you all
(I hope you will watch the small slide shows ....)


Being Mrs Miles said...

First of all, I am sooooo sad for Melissa for the loss of her kitty. You sure have bad luck with kitties, and I know that must hurt. {BIG HUG}

Ok, now, your photo shows are just amazing, Judy, your photography wonderful. I love the one of you gals going on the bike trail, the fish in a pattern in the river and the just sheer beauty, you just captured it.

Mindi, I can taste them pies, would LOVE a recipe for campfire pies!

How awesome Melissa could attend the VBS with her cousins.

I am SO GLAD you and Barry got some time together ALONE, & how very sensetive of Shawn and Mindi to provide that opportunity for you.

On to your previous blog entry.!!!

Love and miss you