Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dave and Neti I love your pictures ..hope to posted some up soon but today I told Abi to watch for her awesome art work to be hanging in the musuem you guys and again thanks

Abi the Artist
Well today you can see Abi hanging in the Museum of fine arts...and oh Hannah is there to what talented ladies ...these two girls are sweethearts ...Papa and I want to thank you for the pictures ....

Art Museum
Hannah the Artist

Digital Camera Fun
Miss Abi with her stuffed webkinz

Rubik Cube Generator
Hannah showing off her art work ...hehe


Being Mrs Miles said...

WOW - we have some artists in the family! Holey kamoley. GREAT PICTURES! Way to go.

Aunty Barb

Anonymous said...

Great layouts Abi says thank you grandma she loved seeing them on the blog ..........

Anonymous said...

thank you grammy love you lots ......I love you Grandma ....v bbzxcvbnm,lkkkjhgfdsa

Anonymous said...

wow what great work done by the girls and their grama