Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well good day to all just a short hi ..then off to the races for me ...helping a friend get ready for an awesome yard sale this weekend..she has been in her home for 39 years and now decide to sale do we have good items for the big event I have not done any layouts ..but here are a few show off the great weekend we had at Auntie Barb's and Uncle Miles ....that Missygirl and Auntie Barb ...crazy I tell you ..
Oh here is a picture of some of that great free stuff I got ....looks good sitting around our campfire setting (the bamboo bench and the canvas lawn chair) haha

Here is one of the sunrise we have been having they have been so beautiful has they come over the hilltop

Well have a great day and hugs to all


Being Mrs Miles said...

Boy, your free furniture looks terrific. I was eyeballing that sling back chair myself, had it been two it would have been tempting. They sort of make me think of when we were kids. Did Aunt G. have some of those at her place, or did Gramma? I can't recall who, but someone did.

The wicker chair, now if you had a nice cushion for it, would make a wonderful prop for children's photography - or a pets. Will you repaint?

Poor Melissa, subject to my silly ways - did she tell Pappa that I bugged her to death so she would not miss him so much?

I loved our time together. I'll look for you online when I get an opportunity.