Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well here is an update on my son and daughter in laws ..wonderful 10th anniversary this last weekend they had a weekend away in Grand Prairie and ....yes they got tattoos..the first initials of Shawn --- Mindi ---Jordana---Madison.

Mindi had her tattoo put on her lower back and Shawn on his shoulder. Ouch Mindi ..way to go girl.

Thanks to Olivia Dorazio's (my SIL Barb aka Mrs Miles) for the elements and paper used...
this is in her new kit

This kit can be purchased at Sophia Shoppe


Being Mrs Miles said...

Awww - how sweet! I am not a tattoo person at all but I can see it means a lot for you guys. Now your daughters will be begging for one too!

I have some 'fake' ones, but they wind up being put on cards etc LOL!

Congrats on your anniversary and your Mom did a terrific job on the layout.

Judy its a huge compliment you using my kits and I truly appreciate it.

Major big hugs,