Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well the first day of school ....and Melissa first day in Grade 7 hard to believe are little kindergarten girl to grade 7 is quite a lady and we love her dearly
...way to go girl.

I want to added today's blog that if some of you were not comfortable about yesterday's blog I am sorry ..I did get a couple of emails just to say hi and to say they are there for me through thick and thin...thanks. My mom and I talked about what I had written ..and she said no one should feel ugh about what I had to say. It is trying to sort things through ..time is not forever and I want to have a good time and a relaxed time ..not always having to watch my back about things going on in my life or my families or my kids. I like what my SIL Barb always says enjoy those that want to be around and love those that are close ...and Barb I love you dearly..thanks . So glad she is part of my family her and Miles are always encouraging .....thanks sis.

I am so happy for her and Miles if you have not been over to her blog ...well let me show you her birthday present is awesome ..and her husband did awesome ..a wow ..he loves his lady very much. The Lord has blessed them over and over again ...they are so faithful to the Lord.

Make a stop over there and see Barbs comments on her present!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have the best year eveer Melissa .......Growing up so quick before are eyes ....Love you....Great layout mom

Being Mrs Miles said...

Awwww - Melissa is not a kid anymore, a lovely young lady now! Wow - you look terrific! I hope you had a wonderful first day and made some new friends. I'm dying to know how you did and how you like your school etc. Please email me and let me know, I'd love it!

Awww - fanks for posting my van, I'm loving every second of it, in fact took some quiet time out yesterday and parked and just enjoyed it away from the world!

Love ya!