Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Good day pictures for today's entries...just a big question...and I am hoping some one will give me some ideas.

For Christmas my awesome husband bought me a wonderful camera the question is ...lens ..I have a choice of either EF-S17-85mm f or EF70-300mm f or one zoom just smaller then that EF70-200mm f..the different in price is about $50...bu really which one would one use ....please any ideas ..welcome.

Also soem of thse lenses are SI---Image stabilizer Lenses and they say these are the best ....not sure where to found theses lenses. Any one know please let me know ..and
Thanks again for the help.


Becky Wolfe said...

Beautiful new camera! How exciting! I don't know much about lenses but it looks like the 70 - 300 would give you a lot of range! It really depends on what you think you'd like to take photos of. If you think you're into close ups & intimate shots then maybe the 17-85 would be your kick off lens.

But if you want to do landscapes, maybe some wildlife & stuff like that, you might want the big zoom! (I'd love that kind of zoom)

Either one seems like a great way to start off your new camera experience so pick the one that will be most versatile to your photo desires at first & snap away. You'll learn a tonne just by playing with it!

Fun fun fun!

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog too!