Thursday, January 25, 2007

This past week sister Barb ..was telling us all how she was going through the house and cleaning...I figured ..why not me to..well going through some of the boxes that have been packed with stuff I will not part with right now. This can of flamingo cards come to the top of a box. These are very special to me and will go into our fifth wheel..(never to be use ) but to always remind me of Melanie ( our niece) The day she found this gift ..she was so excited to give them to me see I have can collection..and a very special flamingo collection. And Mel was so proud ..she had found something that filled both of my collections. Melanie ..I hope you see this blog page ...I still have the can of flamingo cards ..and I love them dearly..thanks so much ..we love you.
(The kit to do this layout was made for me by my sister in law ..has a gift ....thanks Barb)


Being Mrs Miles said...

Wow - I don't remember Mel buying you these - I will point her here when I talk to her next. How sweet of you to keep and treasure them. Boy, you've sure been busy making entries!