Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here are Abi and Hannah and Jordana and Madison with Santa ...luck guy.
We spend xmas day at Glen and Patty's . Glen's parents came up from Salt spring Island.
It as an awesome time. Has you can see from the picture of the tree ..lots of gifts and fun.
There's Missy with still another Brat's item.
And see the snow ..that fell ..made the yard look like a winter wonder land.
Thanks to all that came up to the Boyes for Xmas .
The games after dinner were fun.....that Settler game was fun.
(thanks to Shawn and Mindi for showing us the game)


Being Mrs Miles said...

Did you say Missy is a brat??? Nahhhh not the sweet Missy Unk Mouse and Auntie Barb know..... hers a nice lil girlie!