Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our granddaughter Jordana Raye Forsyth,

give her heart to the Lord last night

(Jan 17,2007). Her mom and dad got to listen as this little sweetheart said her prayer and ask Jesus to come into her heart. We are so proud of you Jordana, we love you and we know the Lord loves you too.

Lord we pray your blessing on her and keep our granddaughter covered with your love.


Being Mrs Miles said...

Ohhhhhh .. I can't think of anything more beautiful than having a child or our grandchild give their hearts to God. I am sooo happy for you and for Jordana and family. God Bless and keep her!

Anonymous said...

Mom, this is really nice and Jordana was pretty proud of your job too. The only thing is's 2007 not 2006
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Great page.....Jordana Is such a beautiful young girl we all love her lots